The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Watching the Detectives

Hosts: Lynne Hardy & Mike Mason

Everyone loves a good mystery, but they can be tricky to plot out yourself. What can we learn from the great detectives of TV and literature when designing mysteries for our own players to solve? A group discussion by fans of detective fiction, from Sherlock Holmes to Miss Marple, Columbo and beyond, looking at how you can draw inspiration from the masters and mistresses in the field.

Sandy's Design Corner: How to Design Board Games

Host: Sandy Petersen

Yes, we have noticed: There are many Krakeneers who are designing their own board games. Care for some tips? Join Sandy for an avalanche of hints, advice and fair warnings that might prove invaluable to you.

Author's Stammtisch

Host: Ken Rolston, Jeff Richard, Mike Mason, Jason Durall, Ian Cooper, Lynne Hardy & James Lowder

Come for golden writing advice! Discuss with our esteemed and sage panelists (plus one Old Lame Gamer) how to channel and canalize your creative juices and give it a publishable form. Hear the Do's and Dont's and get tips and tricks — no matter if you write scenarios or background material for a published RPG, pen fiction or even design your own game. Oh yes, we know YOU have it in you. But be warned: this is meant to morph into a recruiting event.


Host: Topi Pitkänen

Get introduced to GloranTarot! We believe that this card deck reveals the workings of the world of Glorantha. The GloranTarot deck is designed to be totally compatible with HeroQuest. It is designed:
  • to replace the D20
  • to represent and juice up Hero Points
  • to be used as a game system of its own (especially for Heroquests)
It is truly fast and simple, yet superbly dynamic and play-tested beyond reasonable doubt.

A selection of GloranTarot cards. The artwork is © Moon Design Publications.

October 2-5, 2015