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Horror Lottery Game

Exclusive Game with the Designer

The Monster of Poznan

Author & Keeper: Sandy Petersen

One of the old forts of Poznan holds a secret …

System: Call of Cthulhu

Fort Poznan

Horror Lottery Game

Exclusive Game with the Designer

Darkness at Runegate 

Authors: Richard August & Jeff Richard
Gamemaster: Jason Durall

Sent by your clan as part of a delegation to Runegate, you arrive to find the city in a state of fear, paralyzed by misfortune. Quickly you learn that things are not as they seem here and are asked to intervene before the city itself falls to destruction. 

System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha 

Horror Lottery Game

Exclusive Game with the Author

Temertain Must Die

Author & Narrator: Ian Cooper

Six Humakti, beset by nightmares and dark pasts, haunted by the Household of Death but promised absolution from their failures, seek a blade with which to restore honour and justice. One of them must wield it, to fell a Prince and save a kingdom. They will triumph or die, perhaps both, but most of all gain absolution for their sins.

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Horror Lottery Game

Exclusive Game with the Author

Scritch Scratch

Author & Keeper: Lynne Hardy

If you go down to the woods today … Just what does a cleaning crew and the reality TV film unit following them discover when they visit the quaint (and remote) English village of Muscoby on an apparently simple job to tidy up an old man's cottage?

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Scritch Scratch

After Dark

Author & Keeper: Lynne Hardy

You are working at an After Dark session at a local museum — one of a series of special events designed to encourage people into museums who might not otherwise visit them. Tonight's should be interesting: they're bringing in a local psychic to read some of the museum's objects. What could possibly go wrong?

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

The Dreaming Ruin 

Author & Gamemaster: Jason Durall

On the eve of an auspicious marriage, the bride-to-be has disappeared mysteriously. The bride's family and your own has requested you and your fellow adventurers to find her, and the trail leads to a far stranger place than you could have imagined. 

System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha 

The Frukost Club 

Author & Gamemaster: Jason Durall 

Saturday detention. You'd rather be anywhere but here, stuck in the school library doing homework with a bunch of misfits and weirdos, watching the rain hit the windows and hearing the thunder overhead. And now the power's gone out. Wait a minute … what's that noise? 

System: Tales from the Loop 

Playtest Game with the Designer

Death from Space

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

Wanted: Heroes versed in space lore and dirty fighting to stop madman from destroying this planetoid. For handsome reward apply at the governor's office without delay.

Thus runs the message across the luminescent display above the bar in the Last Blast Saloon.

System: Rocketsilver

Game with the Designer

Minutes of the Wayward Club, Vol. 2

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

As illegal scientists, you have heard of the Emperor's Lumière — it’s a marvel of technology. This fully automated brass phantasmagoria of moving pictures and sound has been roaming the land for generations showing uplifting productions of yesteryear, when the revered grandfather of today's empress sat on the throne. Well, as luck will have it, the Lumière has been sighted not far from town and is trundling your way! 

The whole town is buzzing with excitement (Already the huge plume of smoke belching out if its many chimney stacks can be made out in the distance! See the children on the town wall, pointing!), the mayor has declared a week of festival in honor of the occasion, and somewhere someone is plotting dark treason.

System: Impromptu RPG Engine (Steampunk)

Playtest Game with the Designer

A Night to Remember

Author & Gamemaster: Nikolas Tsamourtzis

A few days late a relief crew finally arrives at Mining Colony S11-MC-762 but the ground crew does not answer their calls. Although the rig seems to be completely deserted, as the night falls it gets abundantly clear: They are not alone.


A Night to Remember

Playtest Game with the Designer

On a Moonless Night

Author & Gamemaster: Nikolas Tsamourtzis

A caravan has gone missing. There may be an absolutely simple explanation for it. Maybe it just got delayed somehow. If it wasn't for those eerie stories told around the campfires …

System: Mythaloria

On A Moonless Night

Playtest Game with the Designer

A Trip to the Lake

Author & Gamemaster: Nikolas Tsamourtzis

It's 1990-something in the United States of America. A few high school students take a trip to a small cabin by a lake in the middle of summer. What could possibly go wrong?

System: Don't Split Up

A Trip to the Lake

Here Comes the Prince!

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

The marriage of Ines von Horgen to merchant's son Frederich Friccen is rumoured to have been brokered to inject cash into the ailing fortunes of Baron von Horgen's house, while elevating the common, yet wealthy, Friccen household to minor nobility. Scandal enough, but a week before the impending nuptials, Frederich has ridden off to Mittelberg for seven days of Volksfest revelry and a Junggesellenabschied to remember (or forget). A small band of resourceful and discreet souls have been employed to bring the errant groom back in time for the wedding. How hard could it be?

System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

Rock and a Hard Place

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

The dungeons of Duke Küchler are no place to be. Rightly or wrongly, you have found yourself there and doomed to an ignominious fate. Rejoice though; for the gods have given you hope. The Duke himself commands that you travel to the North on a perilous mission, and if you succeed you will regain your freedom! Prepare yourself for the struggle of the gutter, for fighting for your survival, and for facing corruption on all sides. Prepare yourself for danger, as it is everywhere, and you can't face it alone.

System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition


Authors: Sandy Petersen & Mike Mason
Keeper: Graham Wills

A team of observers is called in to conduct an audit and report on an experimental and top secret drilling project designed to penetrate the Earth's crust and release a previously untapped source of energy. Set on a repurposed North Sea oil platform, those involved discover that there are some depths that should never be plumbed …

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Sweet Child

Author & Narrator: Juho Rutila

On a rainy night a newborn baby is found at the door of the Loom House. The arrival of the child is laden with good and bad omens. These omens attract the interest of different factions in the Red Cow clan intertwining the child to the inner politics of the clan. Where did the baby come from and what is so special about this event?

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Reflections in Glorantha

Author: Jim McClure
Facilitator: Juho Rutila

Two Orlanthi are standing on the field. They both know only one of them is leaving this duel alive. How did it come to this? As they both recall the events from aspiring friendship to this bitter moment, they draw their swords. And charge …

System: Reflections

The game is played by two players ad-hoc so please hail me if you want to try it with a friend (or with me).

The Golden Snake

Author & Gamemaster: Jean-Christophe Cubertafon

When kin were murdered in Nochet while helping a foreign lady, Grandmother demands revenge. It appears that several parties could be involved. And a mysterious statue seems to be at the centers of all desires. Will the heroes untangle the truth from the wrong and offer revenge to the family?

System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha 

Dreams and Broken Wings

Author: Chris Spivey
Keeper: Jean-Christophe Cubertafon

Fall of 1927, the Harlem Renaissance is in full swing. Alta and Aaron Douglas have gathered a group of artists and creators, and creative work and writings are published by many who seek to change the narrative of African American culture. Clayton Morris, a promising painter, is missing. His horrified sister just saw his face in a painting he gave her a year ago.

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition in Harlem Unbound

Game with the Designer

Omega Earth

Authors: Philipp Dahlmanns & Benjamin Andrae
Gamemaster: Benjamin Andrae

The city is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be. There are no years, no months, no weeks. Only days, each of which has ten hours, and each of which is the same: You leave the tower where you and thousands others live high above the storm clouds, you take the tram to work, ride past countless other towers, and sit down in a small office. On an old typewriter, you manipulate symbols you do not understand, according to rules you have mindlessly memorized. Back at home in the evening, you watch glamorous swing singers on a grainy monochrome TV set. There is no past, no future. None of this has ever bothered you, none of it even gave you pause.

Until, one day, you and a few other clerks miss the tram and see an Angel.

System: Omega Earth — Roleplaying in the Last Age of Man

Omega Earth


Authors: Ulf Bengtsson & Richard Black, Jr.
Gamemaster: Ulf Bengtsson

'Last night, a strange object was seen falling from the heavens. The impact was enough that the sky flashed bright as day for miles around. In the morning the smoke plume can still be seen up on the Starfire Ridge. It's not too far from where you are.'

System: 13th Age Glorantha



Ten Candles

Designer: Stephen Dewey
Gamemaster: Matt Balara

Ten days ago the world went dark. Five days ago They came. They hate the light, They are hunting you, and your batteries are running low …

System: Ten Candles

10 Candles

Up Jumped the Reaper

Author: Chad Bowser
Keeper: Nigel Clarke

A graduate student of Folklore is missing in the North Carolina Mountains. As members of the NC State Highway Patrol you have been asked by the family to find her.

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Whitechapel Blackletter

Author: Ken Hite
Game Moderator: Nigel Clarke

The owner of a bookshop and his allies are employed to acquire a specific occult tome by a Mr Dives. The task is not as straightforward as they first think and it turns into a struggle for control between several interested parties.


Last Voyage of the Ghislaine

Author & Narrator: Ian Cooper

Lazenby Brackshish, the Core Worlds industrialist is missing. For the crew of the Patrol Boat Goodluck Jonathan it ought to be a simple assignment. But away from the Core, out on the Frontier, things have a way of getting interesting fast.

System: HeroQuest

Temple Heist

Author & Narrator: Andrew Jones

You have been hired by a member of the Tarsh Exiles to rob the new Lunar Temple the night before it opens. What could possibly go wrong?

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Pendragon's Quest

Author & Gamemaster: Regis Pannier

Strange monsters roam the land, and dark omens threaten Arthur's Kingdom. Will your unknown Knights solve the mystery when genres collide?

System: PendragonQuest

Sunken Hopes

Author & Gamemaster: Stefan Gravemeyer

Spies of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition have ferreted potential heretics hiding on a just recently rediscovered ocean world. Strange things are going on and what is most alarming is what seems to be a steady stream of holy machinery being smuggled onto the planet. So what is more natural than putting some of the Emperor's finest on a mission to figure out what ghastly and most certainly heretical things are happening there?

System: Warhammer 40.000 using Savage Worlds 

Dark Depths

Gamemaster: Julian Plaga

A session focused on the deep darkness of space and the dark depths of human minds. We will be playing one of the following games: 

- The Final Girl (Gas Mask Games)
- Cthulhu Dark Hack (Graham Walmsley)
- Lovecrafteque (Joshua Fox)
- Touched by Evil (Alessandro Piroddi)

The setting will be sci-fi adjacent, input from players is necessary and desired. If the participants feel more like decompressing after an intense prior session we could go for a game of Cheat your Own Adventure. Let's just have some fun!

Case Green Pines

Author & Gamemaster: Nigel Clarke

An ex-Laundry agent has escaped from the confinement he'd been placed in after an encounter that had frazzled his psyche. His extreme views about the takeover of the UK government by insects from outer space have alienated him from even the most headline hungry of the tabloid press but he's still a topic of discussion in conspiracy chatrooms and in blogs that cover weird science stuff.

CLS needs to recover Mr. Naish before he manages to divulge information about the Laundry and secondly but more importantly, CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN. We don't need to be dealing with a hysterical population on top of BREXIT and an ISO 9001 review of policies and procedures.

System: The Laundry

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly away home

Author: Jeff Moeller
Handler: Ralph Kellener

Phenomen-X are back! And they've hit the jackpot big time by accidentally filming the kidnapping of five-year old Regina Balfour. Other channels are lining up for the footage. A bit odd though that one of the kidnappers fatally shot himself at the crime scene and turns out to be a friend of the show.

System: Delta Green-ish


Author & Gamemaster: Andrew Wood

You have travelled far, become part of a reasonably close group of caravan guards. Experienced the wonders of new cultures, market places, and the roughness of the trading posts. It's almost been a junket … all that, is about to change …

System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha 

Something Sours in the Land of Honey

Author & Gamemaster: Clint Cachi

The archipelago, formerly known as the Maltese Islands, has been carved out by three powers. The British Empire controls the ports which provide safe haven for their mighty navy, the old Maltese Nobility, supported by the League of Latin Nations hold court from the Citadel in Rabat on the Island Gaulos and the mysterious ruler of New Carthage dominate the south of the islands from the forbidding island fortress of Filfla.

British spies have reported increased activity between New Carthage and the Old Nobility, while a number of gruesome murders have occurred in the British Territories.

A group of extraordinary people disembarks the HMS Hurricane … they have been called upon by the Ministry of Abnormal Events to investigate these killings and take whatever action may be required to stop the threat on Britain's most important military enclave in the Mediterranean.

System: Castle Falkenstein

Mother of Monsters

Author: Robin D. Laws
Narrator: Juho Rutila

The Mother of Monsters approaches Nikosdros, devouring everything in its path, laying eggs that hatch Chaos creatures to wreak havoc in her wake. Can the Patriarch unite his city to face the threat? Rotting in the Patriach's dungeons, joining the fight against the Mother of Monsters would seems your only way out. If you can survive that is …

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Observer Effect

Author: Shane Ivey
Keeper: Andrew Kenrick

The Olympian Holobeam Array, funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, was built to delve into a fringe theory of physics. It uses highly classified technology that its parent company developed in conjunction with the U.S. military. A few hours ago, the Holobeam Array went online. A few minutes ago, it went offline in a catastrophic power surge. Sometimes, if we look too deeply into the roiling chaos of reality, chaos may look back …

System: Delta Green


Author: Shane Ivey
Keeper: Andrew Kenrick

A secretive research company has developed a miracle drug, only to learn that every miracle has its price. Delta Green agents may be the ones to pay it.

System: Delta Green

Playtest Game with the Designer

The Folklorists

Author & Gamemaster: Pedro Ziviani

Members of the Folklore Study Society, distinguished gentlemen and ladies of the 1850s, journey to remote parts of the world in an effort to collect and preserve folk tales. When myths turn out to be real, they must act to protect the local communities.

System: The Folklorists*

*The Folklorists is an upcoming game from Chaosium.

Playtest Game with the Designer

Red Thread of Fate

Author & Gamemaster: Pedro Ziviani

A cooperative narrative game about Japanese love poetry and mythological shape-shifting animals, set in 10th century Japan. Players work together to unite two lovers by reattaching their tragically severed red thread of fate.

System: Red Thread of Fate*

*Red Thread of Fate is winner of Game Chef 2017 game design competition, and soon to be published by Chaosium.

Red Thread of Fate cover art

Private Investigators to the Rich and Famous

Author & Keeper: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

1890s London is awash with spiritualism, mysticism and the occult. Victorian era drawing rooms simply can't get enough of it. One group of intrepid investigators has no truck with such things, however. The self-styled Private Investigators to the Rich and Famous — journalists and sleuths at large — are hired to debunk fakery, and have a newspaper column dedicated to disabusing the world of its foolishness through the power of research and science. Tonight they have an invite to fathom what trickery lies behind another séance for the upper middle classes.

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

October 19-22, 2018