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Horror Lottery Game

Exclusive Game with the Designer


Author & Keeper: Sandy Petersen

Ancient Egypt, modern Germany, and thugs combine for a volatile mix!

System: Call of Cthulhu

Heart of Darkness

Author & Keeper: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

The best part of a century after three Legions were lost in the Teutoburg Forest, the Germanic tribes beyond the Rhine are restless once more but this time Rome will be prepared. Before sending his Legion beyond the river, the commander of an imminent punitive raid has sent some of his most unique men to ensure Rome's allies in the region remain just that. Loyal. One in particular is silent to messengers and so a special group of resourceful men has been tasked to do the necessaries …

System: Cthulhu Invictus (Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition)

Scritch Scratch

Author & Keeper: Lynne Hardy

If you go down to the woods today … Just what does a cleaning crew and the reality TV film unit following them discover when they visit the quaint (and remote) English village of Muscoby on an apparently simple job to tidy up an old man's cottage? 

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Playtest Game with the Designer

First Watch

Authors: Philipp Edward Dahlmanns & Peter Benjamin Andrae
Storyteller: Philipp Edward Dahlmanns

Brunkeldar used to be populated by fishermen, ropers and weavers. This is changing, as thousands of immigrants come to the shores of Guðland, in search of the fabled Art of Runes or fleeing from under the Endless City's shadow. Many poor immigrants wash up in Nýborg, a shantytown sprawling around the capital. Now Brunkeldar's mayor has appointed a varied group of people to form the Nýborg City Watch to keep the peace. With a grisly murder mystery at their hand that has implications for both the old and the new town, this job is not going to be easy…

System: Omega Earth

City Watch emblem

KRAKEN Horror Lottery Game

Silver Creek Stead

Author & Gamemaster: Ken Rolston

Swena Cat-tail dropped the dark troll with a single arrow, and looted a priceless magic crystal from its body. But now a whole tribe of huge trolls demands the return of the crystal, or they promise to kill, and eat everyone in Swena's family.  
  • Geriatric Runemasters! [Including … a Rune Duck cripple!]
  • Fresh-faced, winsome youngsters! [Orphans, of course.]
  • And kittens! Giant, cuddly, blood-thirsty alynx kittens!
  • Widows and Orphans! Who could ask for anything more?
  System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

Horror Lottery Game

Exclusive Game with a Designer 

SCI Space Crimes Investigation

Author: Michael Duxbury
Computer: Ken Rolston

? Maybe the Computer has been unclear about the exact nature of the mission.
? Maybe the Computer is keeping the ACTUAL nature of your mission a secret. For unimpeachable reasons.
? Maybe what appears to be your mission is not a mission at all.
? Maybe the mission was assigned by something or someone masquerading as the Computer.
? Maybe the Computer assigned you a non-genuine mission in order to test your loyalty.
? Maybe the Computer is pretending to be The Real Computer, while roleplaying a Rogue Impostor Computer.
? Maybe you should report to the Briefing Room. And find out.

  System: Paranoia

Broken Dreams

Author & Gamemaster: Stefan Gravemeyer

You are agents of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition. You have just lately been recruited into the Ordo Hereticus to defend the Imperium of Man from the enemy within with holy flame and mighty bolter! After your last successful mission, involving a heroic carpet bombing of a settler colony gone rouge, your Lord send you to spent some free time on the pleasure world of Daria III. The only thing worrying you is that free time seems a little unusual for agents of your rank in the grim darkness of the 41 Millennium. But then what do you little acolytes know?

System:  Warhammer 40.000 Deathwatch

Game with the Designer

Minutes of the Wayward Club, Vol. 1

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

Ever since her grandfather's marvelous reign came to an abrupt halt by him being blown up, the empress has abhorred science and technology. Thus progress has been forbidden for nigh fifty years. Nevertheless, some brave minds persist in their pursuit for knowledge — the penalty for which is death. A club is formed, an expedition planned. Defying death and ignorance, the players set out to find a forgotten room in one of the most dangerous cities of the Kaiserreich.

System: Impromptu RPG Engine

Highwall Inn

Author & Narrator: Ian Cooper

On the Alda-Chur road, as a snowstorm sweeps in, a group of strangers find themselves thrown together. On the run from packs of howling ghouls streaming from the Woods of the Dead, they take shelter from the storm at Highwall Inn — the only safe haven along the road. But with all of the travellers carrying secrets, many of them deadly, will any of the strangers survive to see the storm break. 

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Premiere of this Adventure

Mother of Monsters

Author: Robin D. Laws
Narrator: Ian Cooper

The Mother of Monsters approaches Nikosdros, devouring everything in its path, laying eggs that hatch Chaos creatures to wreak havoc in her wake. Can the Patriarch unite his city to face the threat? Rotting in the Patriach's dungeons, joining the fight against the Mother of Monsters would seems your only way out. If you can survive that is …

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Operation Lizard 

Author: Greg Hutton
Gamemaster: Simon Strietholt

Wanna see space? Wanna secure Terra? Join the 3:16 Expeditionary Forces!

Terra is a prosperous place. No one works anymore and there is no disease, no hate and no crime or trouble. And you make sure it stays this way. Your squad is chosen from Ltd. Godmann for a special mission to secure planet Whistler from the reptiloid alien infection.

System: 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Star

Lone Star: Perdition's Path 

Author & Gamemaster: Jason Durall

The Republic of Texas, 1848. Ride the dusty trails to hell and back alongside the divine and the damned, in a game set in the mythic Old West that might have been. Characters are rangers, cowboys, gunmen, settlers, drifters, and others, struggling to survive in this wild and yet untamed frontier.

System: Pendragon in an alternate-history Texas that never was.

Neon Gods 

Author & Gamemaster: Jason Durall

Lost in the sprawling metropolis of hyper-modern Tokyo are the ancient gods, spirits, and monsters of Japanese legend, still present, still potent. Some have adapted to technology and new modes of living, others cling to the ancient ways and beliefs, while the youngest straddle both worlds … the spirit realm and that of the real.

System: Basic Roleplaying

Playtest Game

Reflections in Glorantha

Designer: Jim McClure
Facilitator: Juho Rutila

Two Orlanthi are standing on the field. They both know only one of them is leaving this duel alive. How did it come to this? As they both recall the events from aspiring friendship to this bitter moment, they draw their swords. And charge …

System: Reflections

Knight Takes Queen

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

Sir Hector is a knight known for his love of games, expert in chess and mock battles alike. He is also famously reckless, and in a wager has allegedly lost his wife to Fae creatures. Clearly this can't be true, as no loyal vassal of your lord would countenance such a thing! However, five knight errant have been tasked with speaking to Sir Hector, perhaps to help him clear his forests of 'bandits' or anything else he may need …

System: Pendragon

A Brand New You

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

Winter nights are long and cold. Strange things are happening at the Facility. Stranger things than normal. For a small group of children, the safety of all they hold dear is in their tiny hands …

System: Tales From The Loop

The Sun Never Sets

Author & Gamemaster: Gary 'Evilgaz' Bowerbank

Crazy season in the steamy Venusian jungles, 1889. It's been Tuesday for three months now, and the constant sunshine is playing havoc with attempts to maintain an alabaster complexion. The British are purportedly on to some new scientific breakthrough and the Belgians are playing silly buggers again. And yet, the German position as pre-eminent power on the planet is maintained. Surely nothing will go awry at Frau Freundenberger's annual International Ball, which will lead to a plucky band of adventurous types heading into uncharted jungle, to halt the biggest challenge to the Empire the Solar System has ever seen? Of course not.

System: Savage Worlds

Beauty and Betrayal

Author & Gamemaster: Graham Wills

Wars have been won and Camelot has been founded as the seat of power in Britain, with its leaders planning to bring about a golden age of peace and prosperity. But everyone has their own idea of what that age should look like, and struggles for power and love threaten to rip apart the round table as Feudalism battles Law, the Old Ways oppose Christianity and Scots vie with Southerners.

System: DramaSystem

Camelot: Beauty and Betrayal

An Unsettled Mind

Author: John H. Crowe III
Keeper: Ralph Kelleners

On June 5th 1924, several homicide detectives of the Baltimore Police Department are called to the scene of a fatal traffic accident. This seemingly mundane case must be unusual in some way, for it is not routine for detectives to be called to such accidents.

System: Call of Cthulhu

Intimate Encounters

Author: Oscar Rios
Keeper: Ralph Kelleners

The Lippo Killer, a mysterious serial killer, has been in the news of late. All victims were looking for casual sex on a website called Intimate Encounters and were found with their body fat drained out of them. For Frank Carincola this sounds like a great opportunity so he sends out a team of reporters to get him a news story that will propel the Phenomen-X ratings back up where they belong.

System: Delta Green-ish

And the Dragonewts are Dancing…

Author & Narrator: Andrew Jones 

Dragonrise eve and the local Dragonewts are spotted dancing in strange and disturbing ways. The Clan ring has asked you to investigate and you find yourself powerfully remembering your own initiations on the day Orlanth and Ernalda died.

System: HeroQuest Glorantha

Into the Upland Marsh

Author: Andrew Jones with inspiration from Greg Stafford* 
Gamemaster: Andrew Jones

The undead have been spotted on the Clan Tula and the trail leads to the Upland Marsh.

System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

*Adapting and expanding a rare Greg Stafford scenario from 1980. 

They're coming for you

Authors: Stephen Dewey & Cavalry Games
Gamemaster: Matt Balara

Ten days ago something, or someone, blotted out the sky. Now no stars can be seen, all communication with satellites has been lost, and the sun no longer lights up the sky. Five days after this anomaly occurred, They came. No one knows exactly who or what They are, but two very important things are clear.

They fear the light.

They’re coming for you.

System: Ten Candles

Playtest Game

The Manuscript found in Esrolia

Author & Narrator: Jean-Christophe Cubertafon

A bunch of scholars and wise persons, along with their entourage, are summoned to authenticate ancient manuscripts. The mission is simple —but dark clouds are gathering …

System: Gumshoe Glorantha

Elvis vs. Cthulhu

Author & Keeper: Mike Mason

Sunglasses — check. Sideburns — check. Blue suede shoes — check. There's a whole lot of shaking going on at the Heartbreak Hotel. Will it be good rocking tonight or something far more sinister? A stranger in the crowd provokes suspicious minds and that's when the heartaches begin. Once thing's for certain — TROUBLE! When Cthulhu calls and the King answers it can only end in gyrating madness!

System: Pulp Cthulhu

Horror Lottery Game

Official Call of Cthulhu Scenario Playtest

Pandora's Box of Horrors

Authors: various
Keeper: Mike Mason

Mike will bring a range of playtest scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, from which the group can choose when the game commences. Will it concern investigations in the 1920s or the in medias res of a modern-day horror, or something exotic and unexpected? You get to decide …

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Playtest Game with the Designer

Seafaring: The Final Frontier

Author & Narrator: Topi Pitkänen

Ocean, Magasta's bottomless depth.

This is the voyage of the Golden Treasure Fleet, it's five-year diplomatic mission to the Vormain Empire, to explore distant shores, to impress neighboring nations and trade with far-away Ompalams' subjects, to boldly go where the Golden Empire of Kareeshtu has never gone before.

System: GloranTarot

Playtest Game with the Designer

Seafaring: The Final Frontier

Author & Narrator: Topi Pitkänen

The Hero Planes: the final frontier.

This is the voyage of the Golden Treasure Fleet Captain, Dormal's son and grandson to Belintar God-King. It's a Hero's Journey continuing the mission of the father to the son — to locate the lost island of Brithos, to bring back the Waertagi dragonships, to return the Boat Planet to the Sky and to boldly break the power of Mostal and Vadel in order to make the seven seas open and Winter Season navigable again.

System: GloranTarot

Playtest Game

Totally Improvised Adventure in Glorantha

Designer: Word Mill Games
Facilitator: Juho Rutila

Pick your adventure seed and characters and throw yourself into the unknown. Mythic GM Emulator steers the group of heroes to an adventure that no one can predict, because there is no Narrator. Join to learn how to use Mythic GM Emulator, a tool that can also be used in solo playing.

System: Mythic GM Emulator & HeroQuest Glorantha

Within you Without you

Author: John Tynes
Keeper: Jean-Christophe Cubertafon

Investigators are invited by a friend to visit his New England home, and explore the village of Solace with its intriguing history. Unfortunately, that history is closer than they can possibly imagine.

System: The Cthulhu Hack

Weekend in the Woods

Author: Matt Ryan
Keeper: Nigel Clarke

A troop of teenage Boy Scouts from Arkham, Massachusetts, with the opportunity to spend a camping weekend at a hunting lodge on Muskrat Lake, located nearly 100 miles away in the Green Mountains of New Hampshire.

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

The Dreaming Ward

Author: Matt Sanderson
Keeper: Nigel Clarke

During January 1926 the investigators seek psychiatric help after suffering mental trauma. Horrifying dreams, relating to a recent trauma, have been disrupting their sleep. After hearing of dream therapy studies at the University at Albany, the investigators have applied to attend sessions there. The head of the psychiatric ward, Dr. Randall Thorne, believes he might be able to help them.

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Game with the Designer

Cyberhaunt Pt.1: The Salvage

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

You are a Ghost, an electronically isolated human consciousness kept stable by a logical matrix. Far away from earth you are uploaded into electrobiological bodies and used for all kinds of perilous labor. Your current mission: the salvage of the Deep Space Probe Sagitaire 5. It crashed a few weeks ago on a small planetoid it wasn't programmed to survey. 

System: Impromptu RPG Engine

Game with the Designer

Cyberhaunt Pt.2: Entropy

Author & Gamemaster: Philip Glass

Having solved the problem of Sagitaire 5, one way or the other, the crew returns to earth. Flashing into close orbit, you find Earth Port Station mostly closed down and staffed by a skeleton crew who has been patiently waiting for 'The last space ship'. Yours.

System: Impromptu RPG Engine 

Pendragon's Heroquest 

Author & Narrator: Rappar

King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the best knights of his court and some … guests are called upon a quest that will let them know dark secrets they would have preferred not to be aware of. You won't believe what happens next …

System: PendragonQuest

Kali Ghati

Author: Shane Ivey
Handler: Andrew Kenrick

The Agents are soldiers, intelligence officers, federal agents or civilian contractors among the U.S. forces still based in Afghanistan. Thanks to Delta Green's machinations, all have been in Afghanistan longer than they ever planned. They expect to be sent home soon. But now, they have a mission. Again.

A fellow Delta Green agent has gone missing from an Army base in a troubled province. It's up to the agents to find him before the disappearance draws the kind of attention that Delta Green cannot afford.

System: Delta Green 


Author: Dennis Detwiller
Handler: Andrew Kenrick

Decades ago, an explosion leveled the Hunt Electrodynamics Plant and put most of Hellbend, California, out of work. Now the town is nearly dead. In another few years, Hellbend will die a natural death, shriveling up in the 110-degree summer heat, leaving behind a skeleton of ruined buildings as a monument to a better time. But in the last month, something else has worn away at the town, something decidedly unnatural. Someone or something is killing the residents of Hellbend. No one knows who or what it is, but one thing's for sure: This is one case the agents may regret solving.

System: Delta Green 

Lover in the Ice

Author: Shane Ivey
Handler: Andrew Kenrick

An apocalyptic ice storm has crippled Lafontaine, Missouri. The Agents have been sent to secure a forgotten storage facility packed with artifacts of past Delta Green operations. They soon confront a horror that gruesomely invades and mutilates its victims. What is preying on the citizens of Lafontaine besides the weather? Can the Agents overcome the threat with decisive action, or will they doom everyone in the horror's path?

System: Delta Green 

Last Things Last

Author: Dennis Detwiller
Handler: Andrew Kenrick

Clyde Baughman was once an active Delta Green agent and, more recently, a Friendly. Four days ago he died in his apartment of a massive heart attack. Delta Green has learned of this and has tasked the nearest available Agents to conduct a sweep of his apartment to remove any evidence of the organization. 

Break into a dead Agent's apartment. Search it for signs of the terrible and the occult. Cover up the truth. What could possibly go wrong?

System: Delta Green 

Game with the Designer


Author & Gamemaster: Pedro Ziviani

Members of the Folklore Study Society, distinguished gentlemen and ladies of the 1850s, journey to remote parts of the world in an effort to collect and preserve folk tales. When myths turn out to be real, they must act to protect the local communities.

System: Folklore

*Folklore is a roleplaying game that makes it fun to learn about real world folk tales, while creating unique versions of myths through play.

Game with the Designer

Once Upon a Full Moon*

Author & Facilitator: Pedro Ziviani

Set in the Heian Era of Classical Japan, Once Upon a Full Moon casts players as henge, mythological shape-shifting animals assigned to help a forlorn couple in love, whose prayers have been heard by Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon. Along the way they must overcome obstacles determined from a collection of poetry as they fight for love and beauty, using a unique collection of powers and animal attributes.

System: Once Upon a Full Moon

*Winner of Game Chef 2017 game design competition.

October 2-5, 2015