The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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What the Godlearners Told Me*

Hosts: Jeff Richard, Ian Cooper, Jason Durall, MOB & Rick Meints

Gather 'round to hear of the exploits of the assembled Godlearners. Claim your share of the plundered myths, lore and secrets piled up after their last conquests of the Otherworld. Hear tales of the lands, people and creatures they encountered exploring Glorantha.

*Gift Carriers of the Sending Gods not welcome.

Sanity Loss

Hosts: Mike Mason, James Lowder & Lynne Hardy

Steel yourself to gain knowledge of things man was not meant to know. Join our fearless investigators to hear of their exploits of unraveling arcane secrets and thwarting maddening cults as you feel your sanity drain …

Approaches to Call of Cthulhu: Classic and Pulp Styles and More!

Hosts: Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy & Jeff Richard

Join Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy, and Jeff Richard in a discussion about differing styles of play in Call of Cthulhu, focusing on the differences in running and building games for dark and gritty play versus pulp. Topics include pacing, establishing scenes, driving the story forward, and character development.

Meet the RuneCzars

Hosts: Ken Rolston & Jeff Richard

Come to listen to stories, anecdotes and amusing facts of the first RuneQuest Renaissance and the one going on right now. During this seminar former RuneCzar Ken Rolston will officially handover the title and regalia to the new RuneCzar Jeff Richard.

RuneCzar headgear
The official RuneCzar headgear, part of the RuneCzar regalia to be transferred.

October 2-5, 2015