The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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Axe Throwing, Archery & Hurling other Things of Danger

Host: Risto 'The Axe Whisperer' Welling

You have to see it to believe it. So come and participate in this show defining event. Yes, we really do stuff like that. But you have to carry the heavy burden of responsibility for your own safety. We are mad but not stupid. Risto 'The Axe Whisperer' Welling will instruct and train you again in traditional axe throwing, archery and probably other dangerous things that promise potential to fly. Advanced learners are welcome back to check if their Experiences rolls have panned out. Only sober adults are allowed to participate, of course. Hang-overs are probably okay.

Risto on target
Your teacher has great trust in the skills you acquire during his lessons.


German Beer Tasting Part II

Biermeister: Rick 'Biermeister' Meints

Eternal thanks for this idea, Heija. The beer tasting was a smash hit last year and fret not: We will not run out of German beers to taste for quite some time. While we focused on Bavarian brewed gold last year, we are now open for heroic contestants from other Germanic regions. Your feedback was heard — now it's up to you to provide the beer (3 bottles per German (!) per brand minimum). Our former Tentacles Auctioneer, Rick Meints, has found a new role as the official Biermeister of THE KRAKEN — let's see if he can guess the alcohol content of all the present beers with the same 99% accuracy again. Don't bet not your hat against it …

Beer tasting
Yes, it was a real tasting with little glasses and everything. What did you think?

The Hat
Don't bet your hat against Rick Meints. You might end up with a hat that if you walk down the street with it, people know you're not afraid of anything.


Sandy's Movie Nights

Hosts: Sandy Petersen

Sandy will again screen movies from his endless DVD collection* at THE KRAKEN. It will be 6 movies but as tradition commands only 3 will be shown! It will be 5 good films PLUS a strong candidate for the worst movie of all times. Which movie will be screened each night is decided by a blind drawing conducted by a random victim in the audience (we suggest Ken Rolston again). When the worst movie is not bad enough we can just watch Daniel der Zauberer again.

*It contains mostly scary Horror movies, funny Horror movies, weird Horror movies, Classics (by Sandy’s definition), Must-Sees and things you never heard of. Oh yes, and unimaginably bad movies.

Sandy and Ken
Ken Rolston grabbing a movie out of the Bag of Horrors fearlessly. Will he be that brave again this year?



Host: Sverre 'Trifletraxtor' Larne

This is our best chance to summon the Old Gods through horrible singing this year! Join all the cultists, the would-be-cultists and investigators in disguise for our Cthulhu Sing-Along to summon the Great Old Ones, the Outer Gods or whoever will listen. Chant with whatever voice you have, as long as it's loud! Nasty delicacies from Norway might be served again. The end is near!*

*Insanity-inducing flutes are prohibited. Strangely enough.

Is it Cthulhu??
Der Gesangsmeister bei der Stimmprobe.

Looks cozy — is cozy, alas, not for your ears.

More soon!

October 2-5, 2015