The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
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German Beer Tasting Part IV

Biermeister: Robin D. Laws, Lisa Eisenbarth & Fabian Küchler

No, we have not run out of German beers to test (Good luck with that, right?). It will be more beer, different beer, only from Germany. Join Robin and his legendary beer socks, Lisa and Fabian for an unforgettable Friday Night Event! May the best beer win...

Beer Socks image
Ready yourself for the Return of the Beer Socks of Robin D. Laws.


Axe Throwing & Hurling other Things of Danger

Host: Risto 'The Axe Whisperer' Welling

We really do stuff like that, yes. But you have to carry the burden of responsibility for your own safety. We are mad but not stupid. Risto will instruct you again in traditional axe throwing and probably teach you to use other items with promising aerodynamic qualities & impaling capabilities. Advanced learners are welcome back to check if their Experiences Rolls have panned out. Only sober adults are allowed to participate, of course. Hangovers are probably okay.

the target needs repairs
Yes, it needs repairs. No worries, Risto is on it.

Sunday Afternoon Tea Tasting

Hosts: Mr Graeme Murrell & Esq. & Dr Lynne Hardy, Ph. Tea

Beer and wine are all very good, but when one requires proper refreshment, there really isn't anything quite like a nice cup of tea. With this in mind, your hosts politely request your attendance at this top notch and most refined of afternoon activities. Graeme is also bringing Yorkshire Brack, and Lynne shall try to remember to bring some rich tea biscuits.


The Return of the Pancake Wars

Hosts: Risto 'The Axe Whisperer' Welling vs. Louis Kolkman
Judge: Ken Rolston

The epic rematch! Louis will again muster his Dutch Pannekoeken for an epic battle with the beloved Finnish Pancakes from Risto. Ken Rolston will preside as judge again! But no matter the outcome — the true winner will be us...

Pancake Wars image
Risto and Louis first clashed in 2015. Photo by Jaran Wood.



Host: Anne Merrill

Krakeneer Anne will again offer great massages for all you weary gamers and gamemasters. Be it dice or axe throwing pain — Anne will fix you up for 1 EUR/minute. But hurry, Sandy might book all the slots.


Sandy's Movie Nights: Lovecraftian without Lovecraft

Hosts: Sandy Petersen

This year's installation will have a theme hand-picked by Sandy: Lovecraftian without Lovecraft. Come and enjoy a little Horror Movie Festival carefully curated by Sandy himself — with horror summoned from his bottomless DVD collection.

October 19-22, 2018