The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
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Demo & Playtest Game with the Designer


Designer & Host: Sandy Petersen

Hyperspace is Sandy Petersen's new Space Empire game. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate the opposition in this fast-moving game of starships and alien civilizations.

Playing Hyperspace
Some of the Usual Suspects around an older Hyperspace prototype.

Finished artwork of one Hyperspace Alien species.

Fungi aliens.

Alien 1
Hyperspace will have great miniatures again.

Alien 2
Sandy likes his aliens strange and super weird.

Game miniatures Petersen Games style.

Exclusive Game with the Designer

Evil High Priest

Designers: Lincoln Petersen & Sandy Petersen
Host: Sandy Petersen

You are an ambitious priest in a sinister cult, but your Great Old One lies dormant, locked under the awful power of the dread Elder Signs. He depends on you to free him from this half-existence! You must break your insane henchmen out of the asylums where they are locked up, gather spellbooks and other resources, summon fiendish monsters, conduct dark rituals, and protect yourself against the forces of normal society. If you succeed, your Great Old One will reward you with the title of High Priest, second only to him in the coming cataclysm! But you have rivals, other (obviously inferior) priests in your cult, who seek to claim the prize that is rightfully yours!  You must thwart them, while carrying out your plans. Only one can seize the precious title of High Priest — and it must be YOU!

Evil High Priest Game in play
Sandy will bring Evil High Priest in its tasty, finished form. Picture by ICv2.

Playtest Game with the Designer


Designers: Dario Corallo, Fabio Pellegrino & Roberta Impalomeni
Host: Gianni Vacca

MegaMagus is a board game that pits two clans of magicians against each other amongst the perils of the Realms. Find and subdue the rival magicians whilst avoiding the dangers and the creatures of the Realms; and eventually quest to retrieve the unique magic artifact that will make you the MegaMagus, the most fabled Magus of the Realms!

Megamagux board, partial
Hey, looking nice there, board of MegaMagus.

Dario's Art
If you design a board game it helps if you have an artist as Dario Corallo on your team.

Magician's Boards
Choose your magician!

Playtest Game with the Designer

Starbrow's Revolt

Designer & Host: Risto Welling

When rumors spread that the Lunar Empire prepares to desecrate the Hill of Orlanth Victorious a band of heroes rose to stand against the Lunar might.

You fought in the victorious Battle of Hofstarings Flood and Kallyr Starbrow has become the leader of the rebel movement. You are all named rebels to the Lunars now.

Can you stand against infinity powers of mighty Lunar Empire?
Are you wise enough to become the king of Dragon Pass?
Will you survive the Hero Plane and perform the needed Hero Quests?
Can you survive against the Crimson Bat?
Are you able to stop Harrek and his Wolf Pirates?
Will you find the treasures of Glorantha?

A game full of world shattering events …

… magic places …

… and items you can ally. Wait … ducks?

Scoundrel Society

Designers: Travis R. Chance & Nick Little
Host: Clinton Cachia

The season is upon us once more: the time of year when the carefree rich escape from their oh-so-trying lives to idyllic retreats both near and far — and when we of The Society invite ourselves to their soirees, derbies, and day-to-day routines to play our annual game. This year's mark has been carefully selected, and Constable Cramphorn is hot on our trail. And did I mention that you should watch your back? After all, stealing from a Society member is just as entertaining as fleecing a mark. So, do you have the lightest fingers, the snappiest patter, and the most disarming smile … or is this the year when you get nicked?

Scoundrel box
That is what the box looks like. Image by ActionPhase Games.

Scoundrel cards
And here are some examples of the included cards. Image by ActionPhase Games.

Exclusive Game with the Designer

Cthulhu Wars

Designer & Host: Sandy Petersen

Cthulhu Wars is a fun, competitive strategy game in which 3 to 5 players produce acolytes and monsters, build mystic gates and awaken Great Old Ones. The players earn spellbooks, try to destroy their enemies, and capture their bases. Each faction has its own unique set of monsters, spells, and its own Great Old One(s). The game features over 60 highly detailed monster miniatures and countless expansions. We have some of the most fun expansions at hand. As a treat Sandy will bring the prototype and the resin miniatures of the Daemon Sultan faction to play with!

Daemon Sultan Lord
Rendering of Dire Azathoth, the Daemon Sultan Lord, of the upcoming Cthulhu Wars Daemon Sultan faction.

Daemon Sultan Cultist
The Daemon Sultan Cultist concept art, a rather twisted individual.


Axis & Allies: 1942 Second Edition

Designer: Larry Harris, Jr.
Hosts: Peter & Fabian

1942, the world is at war! Come and battle out WWII with Peter and Fabian. Playing Axis & Allies is a noble KRAKEN tradition. Will you be able to beat the management power of The Schloss and THE KRAKEN? The game will be set-up and then be run all KRAKEN. Turns will played in the gaming breaks. Yep, that is how we roll. This time we battle again with the 1942 Second Edition, yeah. And transports will not have attack values again (as per rules) ...

Axis and Allies 1942
A classic game for a classic setting.


Axis & Allies: WWI 1914

Designer: Larry Harris, Jr.
Hosts: Peter & Fabian

Peter and Fabian want to try their hand at playing through WWI as well. At the same time as WWII (see above) and why not?

Axis and Allies 1914
Biplane dogfights and primeval tanks!!!


Operation Market Garden

Designer: Louis Kolkman
Host: You

Will Arnhem be captured by the Allies or can the Wehrmacht defend it?

Play Operation Market Garden in 20 minutes! September 1944, and you, and your brothers in arms, are fighting in the Netherlands. Montgomery has this plan to get to Arnhem, via all those bridges, and you are either the Allied Ground and Airborne troops, and have to try it, or one of two German Wehrmacht commands that have to prevent it from happening. Based on true history, as they say in Hollywood. You will move and fight with your units (Infantry, Tanks and Paratroopers) to try and get a tank unit into Arnhem, or prevent this from happening. In only four turns, you will have a chance to end the war before Christmas, or prevent an invasion of the sacred Vaterland. This is a team game — 2 to 16 people can play. Operation Market Garden was conceived as a fast game to teach teams of schoolchildren (age 10 – 14) from schools in the Nijmegen area about what was happening during that long week in September 1944.

Operation Market Garden
A very cool, fast paced game that could be played over one beer. Picture by Gianni Vacca.


Khan of Khans

Designer: Reiner Knizia
Host: You

Each year, the Khans of the Tribes of Prax lead raiders against the clansfolk of the green and fertile uplands of neighboring Dragon Pass, seeking wealth, fame and cattle.

This year, the high priestess of Ernalda has decreed that whichever Khan brings back the most wealth from Dragon Pass in the form of cows will be declared Khan of Khans, the paramount Khan of Prax!

You each play one of the Khans in this competition. The high priestess has made special corrals to keep your captured cows safe. Any cows still running with your herd at the end of the raiding season are still counted, but watch out for stampedes, squabbling among your tribal champions, and other players trying to steal them!

Khan of Khans

Khan of Khans

October 19-22, 2018