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Playtest with the Designer

Invasion of the Brood

Designer & Host: Sandy Petersen

Invasion of the Brood is a two-player strategy game about the invasion of Earth by the Broodmaster Magnalux in the year 2025.

The human player must alert the major nations to their peril, battle the Brood, and build Project Orion to destroy Magnalux on its moon base.

The player of Magnalux meanwhile spawns broodlings and seizes mental control over the human industry and military.

Invasion of the Brood prototype

Playtest with the Designer

Dinosaur 1944

Designer & Host: Sandy Petersen

During WW2, the US military landed on Kyoryushima, but what they found was not the Japanese … but dinosaurs! Brought back to life by sinister mad science. Defeat the rampaging reptiles or die at their fangs and claws.

Dinosaur 1944 is basically a reskin of our OOP game Orcs Must Die, upgraded. It’s co-op or team based.

Dinosaur 1944 prototype

Demo with the Designer


Designer & Host: Sandy Petersen

Hyperspace is Sandy Petersen's new Space Empire game. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate the opposition in this fast-moving game of starships and alien civilizations.

Hyperspace image

Demo with the Designer


Designer & Host: Gianni Vacca

Siebenbürgen is a four-player board game that aims at retracing the history of Transylvania and of its peoples from the Crisis of the Third Century to the 2004 enlargement of the European Union. Each player guides the destiny of one of the four historical peoples who have inhabited Transylvania, and tries to reach an optimal geographical and cultural situation by the time the game ends.

Siebenbürgen is not a wargame, but it is not a simple board game either. It is best described as a card-driven strategic board game, much like Twilight Struggle and similar games made popular by GMT Games.

Siebenburgen image

Another Siebenburgen image

Demo with the Designer

Last Faction Hero

Designers: Gianni Vacca & Dario Corallo
Host: Gianni Vacca

Last Faction Hero is a simple, fast-paced board game that pits several famous Gloranthan heroes against each other at the time of the Hero Wars. The game can be played in teams of two, which is much more fun. The game is beautifully illustrated by veteran Gloranthan illustrator Dario Corallo.

Last Faction Hero image

Demo with the Designer

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift

Designer & Host: Timo Multamäki

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift is a new kind of dungeon crawl that embraces the European school of game design with clever and elegant mechanisms. It emphasizes strategy while minimizing luck. Cooperation, planning, and the enemy response deck eliminate the need for rolling dice, creating a tense combat environment with meaningful decisions.

The new expansion Cannibal's Howl with intense strategic co-op will be available for testing (officially release at Essen SPIEL ‘19).

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift image

Demo with the Designer

Gray Eminence

Designer & Host: Timo Multamäki

Truth is what you make it to be. In Gray Eminence players adopt roles of the gray eminences working toward their own victory conditions in a modern world. It is a game about intrigue, politics, bluffing and (questionable) morality.

Gray Eminence does not pretend to observe political correctness or historical accuracy, but rather aims to induce discussion about the world we live in. If you find that you end up discussing more than today's football results or weather while playing, it would already be a small success.

Playtest with the Designer

Glorantha CCG

Designer & Host: Risto 'The Axe Whisperer' Welling

Choose a faction and use its magic and powers to defeat your enemies.

Pick a readymade deck (choose from Delecti, Lunars, Durulz, Baboons, Harrek the Berserk and many more) and start to play.

Evil High Priest

Designers: Lincoln Petersen & Sandy Petersen
Board Game Ambassador: Michael Müllner

You are an ambitious priest in a sinister cult, but your Great Old One lies dormant, locked under the awful power of the dread Elder Signs. He depends on you to free him from this half-existence! You must break your insane henchmen out of the asylums where they are locked up, gather spellbooks and other resources, summon fiendish monsters, conduct dark rituals, and protect yourself against the forces of normal society. If you succeed, your Great Old One will reward you with the title of High Priest, second only to him in the coming cataclysm! But you have rivals, other (obviously inferior) priests in your cult, who seek to claim the prize that is rightfully yours!  You must thwart them, while carrying out your plans. Only one can seize the precious title of High Priest — and it must be YOU!

Enil High Priest box

From The Schloss Game Library

Cthulhu Wars

Designer: Sandy Petersen
Host: Alexander Celler

Cthulhu Wars is a fun, competitive strategy game in which 3 to 5 players produce acolytes and monsters, build mystic gates and awaken Great Old Ones. The players earn spellbooks, try to destroy their enemies, and capture their bases. Each faction has its own unique set of monsters, spells, and its own Great Old One(s). The game features over 60 highly detailed monster miniatures and countless expansions. We have some of the most fun expansions at hand. As a treat Sandy will bring the prototype and the resin miniatures of the Daemon Sultan faction to play with!

Glorantha: The Gods War

Designer: Sandy Petersen
Host: Fabian Küchler

Gods War is a competitive strategy game based on the vigorous mythic realm of Glorantha in which 3 to 5 players summon minions and gods, build temples and shrines, and cast spells. The players go on heroquests, gather mystic runes, try to destroy their enemies, and capture their territory. Each faction has its own unique set of spells, mortal units and immortal gods.

From The Schloss Game Library

Axis & Allies: 1942 Second Edition

Designer: Larry Harris, Jr.
Hosts: Peter & Fabian

1942, the world is at war! Come and battle out WWII with Peter and Fabian. Playing Axis & Allies is a noble KRAKEN tradition. Will you be able to beat the management power of The Schloss and THE KRAKEN? The game will be set-up and then be run all KRAKEN. Turns will played in the gaming breaks. Yep, that is how we roll. This time we battle again with the 1942 Second Edition, yeah. And transports will not have attack values again (as per rules) ...

From The Schloss Game Library

Operation Market Garden

Designer & Host: Louis Kolkman

Will Arnhem be captured by the Allies or can the Wehrmacht defend it?

Play Operation Market Garden in 20 minutes! September 1944, and you, and your brothers in arms, are fighting in the Netherlands. Montgomery has this plan to get to Arnhem, via all those bridges, and you are either the Allied Ground and Airborne troops, and have to try it, or one of two German Wehrmacht commands that have to prevent it from happening. Based on true history, as they say in Hollywood. You will move and fight with your units (Infantry, Tanks and Paratroopers) to try and get a tank unit into Arnhem, or prevent this from happening. In only four turns, you will have a chance to end the war before Christmas, or prevent an invasion of the sacred Vaterland. This is a team game — 2 to 16 people can play. Operation Market Garden was conceived as a fast game to teach teams of schoolchildren (age 10 – 14) from schools in the Nijmegen area about what was happening during that long week in September 1944.

Operation Market Garden

From The Schloss Game Library

Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection

Designer: Reiner Knizia
Board Game Ambassador: Michael Müllner

The game is a quest. An extremely dangerous quest. Dr Henry Armitage, Chief Librarian, needs you to search the perilous Restricted Collection for fragments of lore from among the grimoires, and recover pieces of a particular sigil.

MU: Restricted Collection image

Plague Inc: The Board Game

Author: James Vaughan
Board Game Ambassador: Michael Müllner

A strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction for up to 4 people. Can you infect the world? Each player is a deadly disease and they must battle against each other to spread their plagues, develop new symptoms and ultimately wipe out humanity.

Starting with Patient Zero, you spread your infection across the world by placing tokens in cities - earning DNA points and preventing other players from becoming dominant. When the world collapses, who will be the ultimate plague?

October 19-22, 2018