The Kraken - a gaming vacation - Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
A baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games
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THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers, gamemasters and game creators to play, develop and test fine quality games. Taking place at the Prussian Château Schloss Neuhausen and combining high comfort, all-inclusive fine food and drinks (naturally including German beer), a picturesque venue and the best in gaming makes THE KRAKEN a game fest extraordinaire.

The 2020 Kraken group

THE KRAKEN is up to five days of games and fun spent at a wonderful Château in former Prussia, Germany. Great cuisine, exquisite drinks, comfortable rooms, stunning gaming events and a marvelous venue make THE KRAKEN an ideal gaming retreat. THE KRAKEN is an international event with time for fantastic games and having a relaxed time with great people. The main language at THE KRAKEN is English.

THE KRAKEN is the official successor to the Tentacles Convention and honors the tradition of supporting the games and game worlds of Chaosium, Inc., Moon Design, Petersen Games, Pegasus Spiele, The Design Mechanism, Pelgrane Press, Arc Dreaming Publishing and All Rolled Up, but is open to all kinds of quality games and gamers. THE KRAKEN is also heir to the crazy, fun and innovative spirit of Tentacles, envisioned and created by the same team and visited by many of its former attendees and guests. THE KRAKEN is a non-profit event.

October 19-22, 2018